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Genesis Accounting and Tax Services
2431 Aloma Avenue Ste., 148 Winter Park FL 32792
Tel - 407-512-1300,  949-636-2095


We have handled many complicated business tax as
well as individual tax returns

Free Services
!. Individual tax returns filing without a professional

We have free service for those who file taxes by themselves using free or low cost
software found in the market. We reprocess all self filed returns and calculate
maximum refunds using the professional software. If there is any difference in the
refund, we charge a fee to file an amendment to get the refund that was lost in the
self prepared return. We were able to get thousands of refunds for individuals who
have lost their refunds in self prepared returns.
Most of free software in the market do not have full features as in Professional software
used by most of tax professionals. Professional softwares are expensive and
individual can not afford. Same Software companies who provide expensive software to
professionals as well as provide free software to individuals. So free soft ware can
not contain all the forms to claim all the credits available for an individuals.

2. Individuals those who need to know the refund or tax liability in a
personal return, we compute the tax refund or the liability amount estimate
without any charge. If the individual wish to file the tax with us, we charge a
very reasonable fee.

3. Individual those who have law income (annual income less than $1500)
We file taxes for those low income free of charge but we may charge a
e-filing charge of $ 29.

Tax Filing - No Fee at the Time of Tax Filing for
Those Who are Entitled for a Tax Refund
We have an affiliated program with River City Bank and IRS to receive our fee through
Rivercity Bank. If an individual wish not to pay a fee at the time filing the particular
individual can do so through Rivercity Bank which is linked to us.Rivercity bank which is
an IRS approved bank to operate as clients bank for  the purpose of receiving the
refund and distribute relevant  refund to the client.  

This year tax filing is different to any other years in
the past because the lax law has changed under new
tax reform. Some taxes and refunds and credits are
going to be effective for 2020 tax season. Some
taxes, refunds, credits and limits are going to be
changed in 2021 tax filing season.

It is important to know the new changes and when it is going to be
effective and how and when to apply them.

Most of the taxes are filed online using various software. Most of
software companies have updated the soft ware with the current tax
laws and changes. Those are considerably reliable.

There are tax
 software  in the circular market or in online market.
They are pretty reliable. Companies who provide software to the tax
professionals are the same companies provide software to the
There is a huge price difference in two kinds of software from the
same company. This price differences speak itself about the
difference between software issued to tax professionals and the
software released to the market.

According to our past experiences, many failed to make use of the
software to receive legitimate maximum credits. Most cases some of
the forms applicable for claiming certain credits are not available or
not easy to trace and apply unless you have knowledge of tax law.
Most cases prices of soft ware is different according to the prices
that you pay. If you pay higher for the same software you will find
required forms to file. Still you should have a tax knowledge to apply
forms correctly.

If you do not  file the required forms for certain credits and refunds,
you will loose your legitimate tax refunds and credits. There are many
instances tax payers have visited us after been tired of filing taxes by
themselves. We prepared back taxes for them and given them to
claim the lost refunds.

Once a client came to us seeking help for filing tax for that year. His
wife has been filing taxes using software found online. This particular
year the tax liability was an amount that the family could not afford.
So the husband came to us without the wife's knowledge. It was
surprising that we managed to get them a substantial refund instead
of the tax payment that they came up with. We requested them to
bring three years tax filing returns. There were refunds in previous
years but they have not received the full refunds. We prepared taxes
for the past three years and allowed them to get their tax refunds.

Most of people have some kind of satisfaction of saving little money
by not going to a tax professional but they never realize the amounts
that they loose year by year. Tax refunds that the people loose by
trying to do by themselves are thousand times larger than a fee paid
to a tax professional.

Also here are people use tax software to gain more refund than
legitimate. We have come a cross people come to us to use our free
tax refund/payment estimates. They come to know their legitimate tax
refund and they work out higher refund by using wrong information
and duplicated tax returns under different filing status. Do not ever try
these unclean practices. Be clean and be free from all wrong doings

Please Call 321-444-2334.