John T. Adams: Associate

Reena Agrawal: Associate

Marlene Alva: Associate

Rashid Alvi: Associate

John D. Amorosi: Partner

Daniel Anderson: Associate

Julie E. Anderson: Associate

Kenneth L. Anderson: Associate

Nicolaus Ascherfeld: Associate

Frank J. Azzopardi: Associate
John B. Gaffney:  Associate

Iris Gafni-Kane: Associate

Ross B. Galin: Associate

Jodi B. Ganz: Associate

Manuel Garciadiaz:  Associate

Sonia L.R. Garner:  Associate

Sam Young Garrett:  Associate

Rafal Gawlowski: Counsel

Timothy Geller:  Associate
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Finance is the live wire in any business. Making your financial stronger healthier stable
overflowing is our business.
Genesis Accounting and Tax Services
2431 Aloma Avenue Ste., 148 Winter Park FL 32792
Tel - 407-316-7002  407-512-1300     949-636-2095

      Financial Accounting
Finalizing Accounts & Balancing  & reconciliations
Accounts for Federal Tax  e-filing

        QuickBooks accounting service   
        Payroll services
        Sales Tax filing
        Forecasting & Budgeting
        Bookkeeping
        Drafting business agreements & Contracts
        Notary Public Services

             IRS authorized e-filer (ERO)
  Member of National Society of Accountants
                      IRS Audit assistance
Individual personal tax filing            
        Sole proprietor business tax
        S Corporations and C Corporation tax filing
        Self employed
        Tax filing - amendments and extensions.
        If you are not yet ready with your bookkeeping?  
No problem. Even your previous accountant or  
the bookkeeper messed up your accounts
        Business EIN number processing
        Handling back taxes
        Tax planning advice
        Payroll tax filing
        Tax Advisory services

Quick Books Advisory Service

    Workshops and Training
Understanding Balance Sheet and Profit and Loss
account for business owners and  those who  are
        Understanding Double entry bookkeeping and
Trial Balance for those who are interested.
        Quick Books training for Quick Books
beginners and business owners those who are
        Budgets preparation and budgetary controls
for business owners and those who are interested
Business Formation Documentation

Notary Public Service
Drafting business agreements & Contracts

Business Web Hosting, Publishing & Advertising

Accounting and Tax Representation
Our Services